Facial thread lift


Facial thread lift

Most women and girls do try very hard in many ways to delay the appearance of wrinkles for as long as possible. Therefore, it was necessary to find solutions to reduce these wrinkles and reduce their impacts on the freshness and beauty of the skin. A facial thread lift is the latest technology to lift the face in a non-surgical method and in a rapid way, with amazing results that last longer. Facial thread lift: A facial thread lift is one of the processes of facial lifting without surgery and is done under Local anesthesia, in which threads are used to lift parts of the face such as cheeks, eyebrows, areas below mouth and neck. The main purpose of using face lifting threads is to improve face shape, eliminate wrinkles and give a fresh look to the skin. Temporary threads used to produce results that the last one to two years. There are several types of threads used for facial lift, these threads come in different shapes and types. Some of them dissolve inside the body tissues while some of them do not. This process is not good for patients who suffer from skin diseases such as eczema and Systemic lupus erythematosus. It should also not be carried out for patients who suffer from chronic diseases such as Hemophilia and heart diseases. Advantages of facial thread lift: • A non-surgical operation that does not require surgical incision, stitches or total anesthesia. • Have good results that remain effective for several years. • Most types of threads melt in body tissues, and they do not cause any harm to the skin. • After the operation aftermath is gone, it will leave the skin in a better condition than it was before. • It is used to lift all parts of the face such as cheeks, eyebrows, lower jaw and neck. • Its cost is low compared to surgical operations used for the same purposes. Anesthesia: local anesthesia is used to avoid counter-effects that may jeopardize the operation. Facial lift: the physician will tighten the thread in several directions till it reaches the suitable tightness, then will connect the ends of the thread from the top of the head and the bottom of the hair to avoid the appearance of the operation's effects. This step will be repeated till all parts of the face are completed along with a slight massage for the face to assist intertwining with the skin's tissues. End of operation: after connecting threads and tighten them, cold compresses are applied on the face to reduce redness and swelling. Recovery period and obtaining results: • The patient may go back home immediately and practice his normal life. • The initial results of the operation will appear as soon as they are completed, then the shape of the skin will improve over next few weeks till it reach to the final result that will continue for one and half year in case of temporary threads. • For each operation even if it was non-surgical, there will some side effects; those could be overcome by using simple prescriptions those given by the physician or some other procedures. • The side effects of the operation are such as redness, and swelling of the face and could be treated by applying cold compresses and making light massage. Some pain killer could be used after the operation. • All those symptoms should not cause any anxiety or affect on the outcome of the operation, as they disappear within few days after the operation, in case if they continue you should consult the physician. Advices before facial thread lifting: • You should first select the professional physician to carry out the operation, as any error may cause complications. • You should discuss with the physician all matters related to the operation and the method of carrying out it, and the expected results. Some people expect the time will go back, and in such case the physician should explain to them the expected results in real terms. • Stop taking drugs those may affect blood thinner such as aspirin and som vitamins combinations. • If the physician asks you to do some test you should do so immediately. • The physician should be informed about any skin diseases you have suffered before or you may still suffer. He should also be informed about any chronic diseases even if they were not skin diseases. Instructions after facial thread lifting: The patient should strictly follow the instructions of the physician, to reach the required result and to reduce any risk or complications. Such instructions include: • Stop smoking at least for two weeks after the operation. • Stop excessive laugh, yawning, and mouth opening to not affect the thread situation. • Do not use cosmetics till the end of the recovery period. • Avoid exposure to sun light, even if this will not affect the operation's results. • Continue in applying cold compresses and making light massage to reduce side effects. • Completely do not try to press on face or rubbing itchy skin so as not to affect the results of the operation.

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