Regenera technology to thicken hair


Regenera technology to thicken hair

Regenera technology to thicken hair and treat hair loss

During the past years, several therapeutic methods have emerged to treat hair loss problems, based in their method of working on tissue regeneration and stimulating and repairing damaged follicles, the most recent of which is the Regenera Activa technique. For its cell source, the Regenera technique relies on hair-generating cells from the follicles, unlike other techniques that depend on the source of hair loss. Its cells are on the platelets of the blood.

Hair loss is one of the real experiences that everyone usually goes through at some point in their lives. Finding a large mass of falling hair while showering or in the hairbrush is one of the most common problems, as hair loss affects about 70% of men and 40% of women. Women.
There are many causes of hair loss. Hair can be lost through stress, illness, psychological stress, genes, etc. Regardless of the reasons, the problem of hair loss is a direct result of poor health of the hair follicles.


What do we know about hair follicles?

Hair follicles are considered one of the most interesting organs of the body due to their ability to periodically self-renew. The follicles contain stem cells that can be activated or inhibited. However, hair follicles may gradually be lost and the stem cells enter a quiescent phase in which the ability to renew is reduced.

This process is largely influenced by the genetic factor and other internal and external factors that affect the behavior of hair follicle stem cells while going through the stages of hair development (hair cycle), which leads to failure of hair regeneration and hair loss.

How can stem cells and hair follicles be stimulated?

Stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy are two important issues in regenerative medicine for their key role in stimulating the growth of new hair follicles and strengthening and nourishing weak hair follicles.

Many promising modern researches have found several methods and techniques capable of stimulating cells that have been developed rapidly over the past five years, the most prominent of which is the Regenera technique.

What is Regenera technology?

Regenera technology is a revolutionary treatment for hair loss using natural regeneration mechanisms. It relies mainly on microscopic injection of stem cells that stimulate hair growth and increase hair density in areas where hair is thin or prone to loss. Regenera technology works on the principle of hair self-repair, as the cells that are injected into the scalp are taken from the hair follicles themselves. Regenera Activa is a microinjection technology that uses a specialized, patented instrument to deliver stem cells to targeted areas and begin the process of repairing damaged tissue.

Effects of Regenera technology:

  • Stimulate the growth of new hair follicles.
  • Increase hair density.
  • Prevent hair loss.
  • Promote renewal processes.

Advantages of Regenera Activa technology

Regenera treatment has many benefits, which makes this treatment more effective and safe.

  • Reduces and reduces scalp inflammation.
  • The procedure takes about 60 minutes.
  • Safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • It is done in one session without pain or surgery.
  • Fast results within a few weeks.
  • Suitable for men and women and its results are long-lasting.
  • Self-injection with no risk of allergic reactions to the body.
  • It does not require a recovery period and you can return to normal life on the same day.
  • The safest technique as stem cells from the patient's own body are used.
  • It is a fast and effective technique that involves rapid preparation and natural tissue disintegration.

How to prepare Regenera injections

  • The first step: Local anesthesia is injected into the area of the scalp from which the follicles will be taken, which is from the scalp behind the ear because it is characterized by the scarcity of hair diseases and problems, especially androgenetic alopecia. Then three to four small samples (2.5 mm in diameter) are withdrawn without feeling any pain.
  • The second step: The follicles are placed with the skin and surrounding fat in the Regenera device for a few minutes, where microscopic stem cells and growth factors are extracted from them, which are the cells responsible for stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss due to their ability to divide and regenerate. The extracted solution contains hundreds and thousands of these materials in preparation. To be re-injected into the targeted areas.
  • The third step: The liquid extracted from the follicles is injected into the thinning hair areas under local anesthesia, which makes the entire procedure painless.

Duration of the session for stem cell injection

The three steps we mentioned require a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes. You can return to your normal life immediately after the Regenera session, as there is no need for any rest or recovery period.
It is noteworthy that these injections are given once a year, and can be performed again every year or two, depending on the case.

Number of Regenera sessions

The number of sessions varies according to the case. In most cases, only one session is performed and can be repeated if necessary after three or five years. In some advanced cases, a session may be performed every year depending on the amount of damage the scalp suffers from.

When should the Regenera technique be used?

“Prevention is better than cure.” It is important to start treatment when you notice abnormal hair loss and thinning. Normal hair loss is 50-100 hairs per day. Hair loss must also be treated in various ways, whether medications, supplements and other treatments, to combat hair loss and regrow it, regardless of the level of hair loss, after performing the necessary tests to find out the cause of hair loss and adhering to the treatment plan under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

The Regenera technique is considered effective in cases of simple and moderate hair loss, while it is not used in cases of severe and advanced hair loss. The dermatologist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and determine the appropriate procedure.

The period required for results to become visible

Within four to six weeks, the results of Regenera injections begin to appear, as hair loss decreases and the follicles begin to grow again. Within three months of the injection procedure, it is expected that hair loss will stop completely and its density will increase significantly. Results are much better after six months, because the hair growth cycle takes some time to be complete, and results can continue to improve for up to two years.

Candidates for Regenera procedure

It is a technique suitable for men and women alike, especially those who do not wish to undergo surgical operations, a long recovery period, or high financial costs. It is suitable for all cases of hereditary hair loss, other than cases of complete baldness, with the aim of germinating weak follicles, increasing the period of hair growth, increasing hair thickness, and reducing hair loss. It is not suitable for cases of alopecia, psoriasis, inflammatory diseases, hair fungi, folliculitis, in addition to telogen effluvium resulting from trauma.

It is worth noting that it is one of the techniques and sessions that is not suitable for women during pregnancy, but it is safe for the mother and child during breastfeeding. Before starting the sessions, it is necessary to consult a doctor to discuss the medical history, examine the area to be treated, and talk to the doctor about the expected results after conducting the session, as the results and the rate of improvement vary from one person to another, and the benefit is greater when starting treatment early after the condition is diagnosed with hereditary hair loss.

Recommendations after the session

The Regenera technique does not require a recovery period or special conditions after the procedure, but it is recommended to do a gentle scalp massage, not wash the scalp during the first four to six hours after the injection, and wash the scalp with water only during the first day and without using shampoo.

It is also recommended not to use public swimming pools and saunas for a week only, and to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight on the scalp, in addition to avoiding strenuous physical effort for three days after the procedure, and to pay attention to foods that nourish the scalp and hair health, such as berries, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, avocados, sweet peppers, and soybeans.

How safe is Regenera injection?

This technology is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA Approved), and all necessary tests have been conducted on it to ensure its complete safety. So you can be completely reassured in this regard!

The appropriate place for Regenera injections

In order to benefit from this technology, always choose a reliable medical cosmetic clinic to book your session. The doctor specialized in this field is your reference for diagnosing the condition and determining the suitability of the injections for you.

How is Regenera technology different from hair transplantation?

The Regenera technique is characterized by being a non-surgical procedure, unlike the hair transplantation process, which relies on surgical intervention and the transplantation of hair follicles. It is also characterized by rapid recovery, no need to stop work, no need for stitches, and an immediate return to normal life.

Combining Regenera with other approved hair loss methods

If you are currently using any other method to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth, such as medical supplements, topical preparations, and even more advanced techniques such as hair transplantation, you may wonder if you can combine it with Regenera technology.

In fact, combining Reginera with other hair treatments enhances the desired results. and for example:

  • Using plasma injections to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and strengthen and stabilize hair follicles.
  • Use hair growth supplements.
  • Using treatments that in turn regulate the hormone that causes hair loss, such as finasteride.
  • Using a home hair growth laser, which has scientifically proven its ability to reactivate follicle cells, thicken hair, and reduce hair loss.
  • Regenera technology also enhances and complements hair transplantation operations in terms of its effectiveness by strengthening hair roots and follicles and stimulating blood circulation in the scalp to obtain the best results.



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